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Almost Two Decades Ago This Picture Flew Around The World. What Happened To The Boy From The Famous Photo “The Hand Of Hope”?

It is difficult to find a person who did not see a picture called “The Hand of Hope”. In 1999 this photo flew around the world, and it still remains popular even today.

This story happened in the USA. The woman called Julia was told during the ultrasound exam that her baby would be born with defect of the spine. That meant that he could never be able to walk and sit. Doctors offered the family two options to choose from: an abortion or a very complicated operation. The parents did not hesitate to chose the second option.

At 21st week of pregnancy the woman was prepared for the surgery. Right in the womb a team of professionals was working on eliminating the defect of the spine of the fetus. Only this operation could give a chance to an unborn child.

The operation was going successfully. Suddenly, from the incision the baby’s hand appeared and squeezed the finger of the surgeon Joseph Bruner, as if asking for help.

That touching moment in the operating room was photographed. The picture called “The hand of hope” became a real sensation.

The operation on the spine defect removal was successful. The boy named Samuel Alexander Armas was born on December 2, 1999.

The boy in 2012.

Today Samuel is 20 years old. Of course, he has to follow recommendations of the doctors all the time because of the remaining problems with the spine, but as a whole he lives an absolutely full life.

The timely intervention of surgeons gave Samuel a happy life. The young man is actively engaged in sports and pleases his parents with awards for participating in basketball matches.

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