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All Humanity Is Under Siege

One of the more reliable Internet blogs that I read is Bionic Mosquito. I found the entry of July 28 to be in accordance with my own conclusions. I quote:

It is not difficult to imagine that we have entered one more dark history of humanity on a long string of dark histories.  I want to say that others have suffered much worse, and they have.  We can think of those in the path of Genghis Khan; the early Christians under Rome; medieval Europeans under siege by Vikings, Huns, or Charlemagne; almost anyone in France in the late eighteenth century; Armenians in the Ottoman Empire; those living in between Germany and the Soviet Union in the 1930s and 1940s; Chinese under Mao; Vietnamese under napalm; Arabs under drones.

But I think I am on safe ground to consider that never before in the recorded history of humanity has the entire population of the world been under siege simultaneously and placed in a medical experiment, forced to face the risk of early death regardless of the path chosen.  All of humanity; one-hundred percent.  More than seven billion people.

One of the paths I have taken at this blog is a significant examination of the many false histories we have been taught, the lies used to justify action, the way evil was described as virtuous.  When I began that journey, I was already somewhat skeptical of the narrative; as I worked through that journey, I have come to conclude that everything being described to us about meaningful events in our history is a lie.

The sons of disobedience always lie, because their father always lies.  It is in their nature because it is their father’s nature.  Every major event in my lifetime (and for centuries before this) has been based on a lie or explained away by a lie.

For this reason, I didn’t believe for a minute that we faced a plague of medieval proportions (see my earliest thoughts herehere, and here – all from March 2020).  I didn’t need to have a complete answer of the truth; just that I knew what we were being told was a lie.

There are several important factors I consider regarding which church to attend, and it is a question I – like many of us, I suppose – have had to face in the last year.  I am coming to the conclusion that the highest factor on the list might be how that church dealt with the nonsense of the last eighteen months.

Being a pastor, the last paragraph quoted above speaks personally to me.

So, how many churches remained opened during the entirety of 2020? No one knows for sure, but I surmise the total was less than 5%. And I doubt that I’m very far off. 

If my estimate is close to accurate, it would mean that 95% of America’s Christians are sitting under pastors that possess zero spiritual discernment, as they eagerly submit to the satanic deception that is known as the Covid narrative. And of the 5% that recognized the deception and had the courage to defy the authorities that were fomenting it, I doubt that any one particular denomination would stand out.

Interestingly enough, it was 5% of pastors and churches in Germany that defied Adolf Hitler, according to historian Erwin Lutzer.

The brave Christian theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who led the Pastor’s Emergency League, which became known as The Confessing Church, in opposition to the Nazi regime—and whom Hitler murdered shortly before Germany surrendered—said:

Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.

How is it that all of the evangelism of the past 50+ years has produced such an undiscerning, weak and cowardly Church? Where are the Dietrich Bonhoeffers, the Jonas Clarks, the Martin Luthers, the William Tyndales and the John Wycliffes?

Let the paragraph quoted at the beginning of this column sink in:

But I think I am on safe ground to consider that never before in the recorded history of humanity has the entire population of the world been under siege simultaneously and placed in a medical experiment, forced to face the risk of early death regardless of the path chosen.  All of humanity; one-hundred percent.  More than seven billion people.

How is it that the world’s first global siege can take place, and the vast majority of pastors and Christians not even notice?

A few reasons seem obvious:

1. Over 50 years of a false interpretation of Romans 13 that Christians must always obey civil authority.

Lutzer noted:

Many of our Christian heroes were lawbreakers. Whether it was John Bunyan, who sat in a Bedford jail for his preaching, Richard Wurmbrand, who was beaten for teaching the Bible in Communist Romania, Christians have always insisted that there is a law higher than that of the state.

2. The elevation of social acceptance now prevalent in most churches.

From the advent of the Church—including the physical life of the Head of the Church, Jesus Christ—the single characteristic most commonly associated with Christians was nonconformity to the world system, which was known to be under the control and dominion of the Evil One. (See Romans 12:2; I Corinthians 3:19; II Corinthians 4:4; Galatians 6:14; Ephesians 5:11; Hebrews 11:7; James 4:4) 

Today, pastors crave social and political acceptance. Their churches and ministries are deliberately conformed to worldly characteristics. They not only seek the approval of civic leaders, they glorify them, regardless of their adherence—or lack thereof—to Biblical and constitutional standards.

3. Over 50 years of false Israel-based “rapture” and “tribulation” teaching.

These false prophecy doctrines have created an apathetic and even fatalistic spirit on an unprecedented scale. This kind of preaching and teaching spiritualizes away the practical application of divine principles to the point of making them completely irrelevant. In fact, the word irrelevant seems to best describe the vast majority of evangelical churches today.

4. Old-fashioned cowardice.

Theodore Roosevelt is not one of my favorite presidents, but he might have said it best:

The things that will destroy America are prosperity-at-any-price, peace-at-any-price, safety-first instead of duty-first, the love of soft living, and the get-rich-quick theory of life.

Thomas Jefferson’s “spirit of resistance” is dead in the average church. Ditto for Patrick Henry’s “holy cause of liberty” and George Washington’s “sacred fire of liberty.” 

A man of God who is not willing to risk everything with every sermon he delivers is not really a man of God at all.

I love the way A.W. Tozer said it:

The pastor, when facing his congregation on Sunday morning, dare not think of the effect his sermon may have on his job, his salary, or his future relation to the church. Let him but worry about tomorrow and he becomes a hireling and no true shepherd of the sheep. No man is a good preacher who is not willing to lay his future on the line every time he expounds the Word. He must let his job and his reputation ride on each and every sermon or he has no right to think that he stands in the prophetic tradition.

The global siege known as the Covid narrative will not go away without mass resistance—especially from the Church. This is a supernatural siege. It requires supernatural resistance.

The god of this world who is pulling the strings of the world’s leaders promoting this deception has no intention of willingly abandoning the siege.

Lockdowns; shutdowns; closures; masks; social distancing; etc., are still in our future. We were told that getting the jab would set us free and return us back to “normal.” Now, they tell us that being vaccinated does nothing to lessen the grip of the “pandemic.” The new “delta” strain requires that even vaccinated people again mask up. In truth, Covid masks are the quintessential symbol of submission to this new medical tyranny.

Regardless, the Walt Disney Company will not be the only company to require all of its employees to take the jab. And New York City will not be the only city to require people eating in restaurants and entering other establishments to take the jab. 

By now, the only people who do not know that the Covid vaccinations are dangerous and potentially life-threatening are people who don’t WANT to know. But what everyone needs to know is that the narrative itself is a death sentence for Liberty.

And the blatantly unconstitutional action taken this week by the CDC should be ample evidence that it is nothing more than a political arm of progressive Democrats and should be given NO credibility by any local or State government or by any of the American people.

Bionic Mosquito is right: All humanity is under siege. And it is a supernatural siege.

Can this siege be defeated? You bet it can. But it will take the kind of courage and potential sacrifice that all of history’s great freedom fighters have demonstrated in order to do it.

For Christians, a good start would be getting out of the churches that capitulated to the Covid narrative in 2020, because the second assault is just around the corner, and those pastors and congregations have already proven that they are no friend of Freedom. 

Bionic Mosquito is right about that too.

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