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A Story That Proves That Our Simple Actions Can Save Someone’s Life

On that day the ship from the Canadian province of Labrador was engaged in its usual business of catching crabs. At some moment Alan Russell, one of the crew members, noticed something strange on one of the ice floes in seven kilometers from the shore.

The crew decided to approach the ice floe. It turned out that there was a small Arctic fox. The frightened animal was sitting on the top of the ice floe and fighting off the gulls that were constantly attacking him.

Having seen rescuers the Arctic fox got scared and did not allow them to catch him. The people could not approach the animal too close because the iceberg had a mushroom shape. As a result, rescuers had to get in a boat, ram the ice and catch the fox with a net from the water.

After a cold water, the Arctic fox did not feel very well, but it was the only chance to save him. The team of the rescuers brought the fox to the ship and put him in a container with sawdust. When the animal got warm a little, he was fed with Viennese sausages, that he liked a lot.

The ship’s crew brought the fox to the port William harbor, where they were catching crabs. There they held him in warmth for a couple of days and then released him. The crew members say that the fox was not aggressive at all, it seemed that he felt that they were helping him.

“After a while, when he was coming around, he liked us more, because we were feeding him. And he didn’t mind us after” – says Alan.

The man tells that he has never seen animals so far from the shore before. Most likely the fox was looking for food on a continuous sea ice, but a crack got formed and he was trapped. He was incredibly lucky to meet such kind people that saved his life.

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