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A Man Suffering From Alzheimer’s Disease Proposes To His Wife, Forgetting That They Have Been Married For 34 Years

Michael Joyce had a happy life: a strong family and a loving wife. In 2010 the misfortune came unexpectedly: the man was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Then Michael began to manifest symptoms that are typical for this disease, such as speech problems and memory loss.

On the night of December 14, Michael came to his wife in a very agitated state.

Linda took her husband by the hand and tried to find out what happened. The man gazed into her eyes and asked: “Will you marry me?” The woman was confused, but answered that she would gladly accept his offer.

Linda hoped that in the morning her spouse would forget about the night event. However, Michael perfectly remembered his proposal and he was reminding to her of the upcoming marriage every day.

Linda was amazed by her husband’s behavior, because in his state it was like a feat: he gathered his mind to make a proposal of the hand and heart and then kept this thought in his mind for 6 days.

Linda decided that it was necessary to organize a wedding as soon as possible. She sent a request for the event organization on one of the New Zealand sites. The woman quickly received an answer. This organization helped the couple to hold the ceremony in just a week.

The ceremony was held at Lake Hamilton, which is located 150 kilometers from Auckland.

‘On the morning of the wedding, I was lying beside Michael when he opened his eyes, and his first words were: ‘Today’s the day’,’ Linda said.

At the ceremony there were only the closest friends of Michael and Linda with whom they became fiends over 30 years ago.

69-Year-old Michael and 64-year-old Linda after living three and a half decades together promised each other again to be loving and faithfull forever. Their wedding is not just a joyful event, it is proof that true love is capable to survive in health and illness.

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