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6 Months Of Waiting At The Bus Stop. The Story Of An Abandoned Dog Who Was Hoping For A Miracle

Mametkino is a semi-abandoned village in the Novosibirsk region, Russia. In the summer of 2018 in this village a car stopped at the bus stop and some people threw a dog out of the vehicle.  After that the car quickly disappeared, and the confused dog stayed in a sparsely populated village.

The dog refused to leave the bus stop. He was constantly peering into the distance, watching the passing cars, in the hope that his owner would return for him.

Locals called the dog “Hachiko.” People fed the dog and tried to tame him, but he did not let anyone near him.

The poor dog spent on that bus stop as much as 6 months. Even rain, snow a the temperature -30 celsius could not force him to leave the place where he last saw the owner.

Locals saw that the dog was running towards the passing cars of gray color. Probably his owner’s car was gray as well.

With the onset of winter, the villagers put the dog house near the bus stop. But the incredulous dog did not live in it.

The story of the Russian Hachiko quickly spread over the Internet. The very next day one of the Novosibirsk animal rescue teams found out it they left Novosibirsk, overcoming more than 400 km to pick up an abandoned dog.

It was not easy for the volunteers who arrived at the site to win the trust of Hachiko. The dog was extremely incredulous and refused to approach. Then the volunteers spent an hour to catch the dog. They managed to throw a blanket on the dog and carry him in the car.

When the dog warmed up, he became friendlier. After a while, Hachiko was already in Novosibirsk.

Irina, a volunteer who was able to win the dog’s trust, decided to adopt him. Dog was named Archie. Today he lives happily in Irina’s private house, and he is friends with a Serbernar and two cats.

Archie learned again to trust and love people and he is very happy now.

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