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2018 World Cup Helped Friends From Russia And China To Find Each Other After 56 Years

Zhang Heyun is a reporter of the Chinese television channel CCTV, who was covering the World Cup in Mordovian Saransk, Russia. He was approached by Ludmila Mitricheva, Russian woman, that asked him to help find her Chinese pen friend from early 1960s.

Zhang made a post searching for that woman in the social network Weibo, a Chinese analogue of Twitter.

Lyudmila Mitricheva, known to her Chinese penfriend as Lusya, showed him two yellowed letters from a schoolgirl Duan Chunxiu from Xiangtan City, Hunan Province.

In the 1960s Lyudmila Mitricheva and her pen-friend were studying in high school. Duan sent her cards with the pictures of the Chairman of the PRC of that time – Mao Zedong and the West Lake in Hangzhou. She also sent her a paper with the scent of roses. The Chinese schoolgirl, in turn, received with the gratitude from Lusya the “pioneer bell” and a photograph of her school.

The Chinese reporter attached photos of letters to the post in the social network.

This post was shared by 12 thousand people and commented by more than 2 thousand.

Chinese Internet users responded very friendly to the post of the journalist, considering that the 2018 World Cup created a special atmosphere, and they should help two friends reunite.

Several thousand people of China participated in the search of Lyudmila Mitricheva’s friend. They managed to find former classmates of Duan Chunxiu, her son and, of course, the woman herself.

The friends are very happy that they found each other. Today they have Internet and a phone which means that it will be much easier for them to communicate.

Wang Jian, son of Duan Chunxiu, recalls that letters from the Russian friend have always been very important for his mother. And she is infinitely happy that they can keep in touch again.

“More than half a century later fate has given these elderly women a chance to meet again in this life, and, it seems, that it happened thanks to soccer,” – wrote the Chinese reporter on his Weibo page.

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