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20 Most Hilarious DIY Projects In History: “Legendary Inventions” That Deserve Your Attention

We must recognize that most people have limited technical skills. It is almost impossible to be successful in everything you do. If you are a professional economist or a car mechanic, it does not mean that you can easily fix a broken power socket or a washing machine in your apartment.

If you want to try your hand at DIY projects, we wish you success. But remember about your limits otherwise the results might be similar to the “inventions” on the pictures below.

A power extension cord bought in the store would certainly be very useful. But this invention is more likely to cause a fire in the house.

Do you need an RV, but do not want to spend extra money? Welding torch, a few tools and a couple of days of work will make you a real celebrity on a highway.

Father tried to build a tree house for his children, but eventually he created more work for his wife because now she needs to watch over the children so they don’t go to play at that house.

Why do you need to spend money on expensive repairs? You can be a designer yourself, and materials can be found among old things.

There is never too much gold. This is exactly what the owner of this car thought when he decided to paint tires gold after gilding the body of the car.

Do you also think that it’s time to call a plumber?

No, you don’t have double vision. It’s just a bold design decision.

Another idea for those who don’t like to spend extra money. It looks original, don’t you think so?

The creator of this “invention” obviously does not value his life and the lives of his loved ones. He forgot the basic rule that we know from childhood: water and electricity do not mix.

The desire of this car owner to save the family budget, of course, is commendable. But he forgot about the safety on the roads, and the police surely will not be delighted by that “invention”.

What is more important: lighting or a door? It seems that the perfect solution is found in this situation.

This man has placed a device with battery power in the pool. Hopefully he woun’t be swimming in the pool any time soon,and no one will suffer.

Does the bike not fit in the car? No problem! Of course, it’s too hard to get temporarily a bigger car, it’s easier to adapt that car to the dimensions of the bike.

Do you need a fence, but have no boards? Plastic bottles will save you! But whom this wall will be able to stop?

Such power socket in the corner will make your guests to be plagued by guesses to understand its true purpose.

The people who created this creation clearly do not know what happens to the cork when it gets wet or rubbed.

Do you really want to get married, but do not have money for a wedding dress? Burrito wraps will save you! This wedding dress is truly unique.

He made sure that everyone around him would follow him with a steadfast gaze. To do this, you do not need to spend a lot of money getting a car of the latest generation.

Only three dollars spent on seashells can turn an ordinary sink into an “exclusive” design project.

This car owner will never have problems on the roads with a turn to the right.

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