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15 mind-blowing truths and reminders about the George Floyd riots that annihilate the fake media narratives being pushed to sow chaos in America

Almost everything the lamestream media is reporting about the George Floyd riots — and the context of American culture — is a total lie. Here are fifteen mind-blowing truths about America, racism, George Floyd and the riots that you won’t find admitted in the left-wing media:

1) No black person living in America today was ever a slave, and no white person ever owned slaves. That history is centuries old, but according to the radical Left, people living today are guilty for the sins of their ancestors… but only white people qualify for this guilt, not black people like Kamala Harris whose ancestors owned slaves. According to the radical Left, having dark skin pigmentation releases you from the sins of your forefathers. Thus, black skin has magical powers… i.e. “black privilege.”

2) The first slaves in modern-day America were actually not from Africa at all. Most of the slaves in ancient Rome were white slaves. And given that being “enslaved” means not owning the fruits of your own labor, the simple truth is that as long as the IRS is in existence, we are all slaves today, regardless of our color.

3) Every human being alive today can be traced back to Africa. In essence, we are all Africans. It also means we all share the same ancestors. According to anthropology, all humans living today can be traced back to a group of about 4,000 Africans. Thus, if left-wing extremists are demanding reparations for all people of African descent, that’s everybody.

4) As Brandon Smith correctly explains at, there isn’t a single shred of evidence that George Floyd was killed because he was black. The media narrative of “systemic racism” is a total fabrication. Police shooting statistics clearly show that police are far more likely to shoot a white person than a black person, even when accounting for the different proportions in population. Big Tech has gone to great lengths to quite literally censor anyone posting federal crime statistics, since the radical Left hates actual science or real facts. Instead, they call them “hate facts.” Yes, that’s actually a new term from the insane Left. Whatever facts they don’t like are simply branded “hate.”

5) As Paul Craig Roberts reveals in this important interview, universities have institutionalized racism and bigotry against whites by teaching anti-white hate in “black studies” courses. When Leftists claim they believe in “tolerance” and oppose “hate,” they are lying to themselves. They actually teach hate and despise tolerance, as is obvious in the way they so aggressively seek to destroy any person with whom they disagree.

6) Most people in America have no idea that George Floyd was a violent felon with a criminal record of violence against women. The media covers that up and presents Floyd as a heroic, almost god-like figure. As Candace Owens points out, only black culture celebrates its most vile thugs and low-life criminals:

7) The attacks on those who state the higher truth that “ALL lives matter” reveals the utter bigotry, hatred and anti-white racism of the progressive Left, which is now working overtime to teach white children that they are born in sin because of the color of their skin. You can’t have a society rooted in equality when everyone is being taught that white children are guilty the moment they’re born.

8) Speaking of births, nearly all the Leftists who claim “black lives matter” are abortion advocates, and abortion centers are largely focused on black communities across America, where millions of pre-born black human beings have been systematically murdered, sometimes for profit (i.e. organ harvesting and the body parts trade). Recently, Planned Parenthood tweeted about its support for “black lives.” Not a single Democrat spoke out against that absurd hypocrisy.

9) The left-wing attacks on statues of champions of human rights — such as Abraham Lincoln — demonstrate that the lunatic Left isn’t merely trying to destroy “racist” figures of history but the memory of all history. That’s because they want to rewrite history with fake “facts” like the NYT 1619 project that brazenly lies about U.S. history to smear the country as unforgivably racist from its very founding.

10) George Floyd wasn’t African; he was an American. Anyone saying that Floyd is an “African-American” is intellectually dishonest. Floyd never immigrated from Africa and never knew the first thing about African culture or living in Africa. The entire “African-American” mythos is a cultural lie. Floyd was American, period.

11) The clueless Democrat Senators wearing “Kente” garb for CNN’s cameras were actually wearing the symbols of an African tribe that sold its own members into slavery. They were, in truth, honoring African slavery, not American freedom. This is likely not an accident. Democrat lawmakers absolutely feel like they “own” blacks in America, as was obvious when Joe Biden said to a black radio host that, “You ain’t black” if you don’t vote for me. The real slave masters in America are Democrat elitists who deliberately trap black Americans in a cycle of poverty in order to exploit their votes via victimization.

12) The new “autonomous zone” in downtown Seattle, created when Black Lives Matter terrorists seized six city blocks and declared the zone to be immune to U.S. laws, claims absolute sovereignty. Does this mean the progressive Left now support everybody else creating autonomous zones and declaring themselves immune to the laws of the state or country in which they exist? Because that actually sounds like a great idea. It should be universally embraced, right along with the CHAZ border enforcement, open carry gun rights and immunity from all federal laws, see?

13) Those who say “black” lives matter is progressive while claiming that anyone who says “ALL” lives matter is racist is themselves a racist bigot. The only reason black lives matter is because blacks are humans, and HUMAN lives matter. All humans: black, white, asian, latino, etc. Even the lives of cops matter, too. Yet the entire Black Lives Matter movement is inherently racist and bigoted in claiming that only black lives matter, but no one else. In fact, BLM openly supports the abortion of black babies, which means that even inside BLM, the lives of unborn blacks actually don’t matter at all. Thus, their entire philosophy crumbles under the weight of just one question: Why do you support the abortion of millions of black babies?

14) Democrats are so condescending to blacks in America that they think black people are so uncivilized they can only speak through violence. Thus, Democrats argue that black people should be allowed to carry out riots, arson, murder and mayhem because they are essentially zoo animals who are incapable of intellectual discourse or civilized communication. These very same condescending Leftists then claim that white people who disagree with them should all be censored and silenced, saying that all speech they don’t like is “violence,” while the actual violence carried out by black thugs in places like CHAZ is “peaceful speech.”

15) This is the most important point of all: America has no systemic racism in any institution. Law enforcement is not systemically racist, as cops kill plenty of white people, too. Universities aren’t racist; they actually grant “black privilege” during admissions for people of color. The voting system isn’t racist, as Americans voted Barack Obama president TWICE, and most of those votes were from non-black individuals, by the way. The only systemic racism in America is in the minds of radical left-wing lunatics who keep faking hate crimes, whipping up fake news narratives and playing the crybully race card to make absurd demands of society. It’s the same terror-style tactic they all learned in school when the university deans caved and gave black people extra credit on school exams instead of demanding they compete on a level academic playing field.

Now, the very same black students who used to seize the student unions buildings and demand free bonus grades because they were black are seizing city blocks and demanding free money because they’re black. It’s essentially, race-based extortion of society, and this is what today’s black graduates learned when they were black students: You act like terrorists, make a lot of noise, seize a building and issue a list of demands. Since everybody in society keeps caving in to these lunatics, they’ve been trained to keep upping their demands to ever-increasing stakes.

That’s why if this CHAZ situation isn’t stopped, Black Lives Matter will next seize the state capitol buildings and claim ownership over Washington, Oregon and California. Emboldened by those maneuvers, they will next march on Washington D.C. and declare themselves rulers over all America.

The real question is: How many spineless, pussified white people will grovel in “white guilt” and let society be overrun by terrorists who are hiding behind the fake narrative of “racism” to extort America?

Guilt-programmed white people in America have already surrendered to tyranny and have lost the will to defend logic, reason or the rule of law

So far, the answer seems to be that the majority of white people are totally spineless, clueless morons who will go along with absolutely anything to avoid being called a racist. That’s the Left’s weaponization of the term “racist.” To avoid being called a racist, white people will do anything, including kneeling down and begging for forgiveness for crimes they never even committed against anyone.

Some white girls were even tricked into shaving their heads and becoming actual skinheads in “solidarity” to Black Lives Matter. The whole thing was a 4chan prank, it turns out, but they shaved their heads anyway. I’m pretty sure that if Black Lives Matter demanded that all white people rip out their eyeballs with ice picks as a way to prove that “justice is blind,” there are probably millions of white Americans who would gladly go along with that and start stabbing themselves in the face in a desperate effort to obediently conform.

The Left has become a mindless cult, of course. What we’re really watching here is a massive, nationwide brainwashing re-education camp that’s turning white people into spineless idiots who are so weak and pathetic, they aren’t even willing to defend their own language, borders, culture or nation. History tells us that those people are very quickly overrun and defeated, which is exactly what’s happening right now.

White America, in other words, has largely lost the will to survive and has surrendered to liberal tyranny and runaway insanity. At least the CHAZ warlords have the balls to fight for something in which they believe. The typical white American has already surrendered the will to fight for anything, including their own country. And the future of America belongs to those who are willing to fight, not to those who surrender.

The over-fed, over-medicated, obese white American citizen is lazy, coddled, clueless and utterly brainwashed into hating themselves. You can’t find a better example of this than Seattle Mayor Jenny A. Durkan, a wretched, seditious traitor who is siding with the left-wing terrorists who have seized six city blocks of downtown Seattle. Little does she know that if she weren’t the mayor, the very people she is defending would just as soon throw her over a police barricade and repeatedly rape her, then shoot her in the head to dispose of the body after they’re finished with it. That’s the level of violence Black Lives Matter is capable of exerting against white women, and they’re just waiting for an opportunity to carry out such heinous crimes as long as the police are ordered to stand down.

Don’t believe me? The rapes have already begun! As now reports:

Seattle Police Chief: Cops ‘Not Able to’ Respond to Rapes, Robberies Due to Autonomous Zone

Police have been unable to respond to “rapes, robberies, and all sorts of violent acts” occurring in Seattle’s East Precinct, which authorities abandoned on Monday, leaving the area in the hands of activists who set up their own police-free “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” (CHAZ), Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said Thursday.

The police chief is now working on a plan to reopen the precinct, telling reporters calls for service “have more than tripled.”

“These are responses to emergency calls — rapes, robberies, and all sorts of violent acts that have been occurring in the area that we’re not able to get to,” she said.

Emergency response times in the area have tripled, she noted, going from just over five minutes to 18 minutes.

“If that is your mother, your sister, your cousin, your neighbor’s kid that is being raped, robbed assaulted (or) otherwise victimized, you’re not going to want to have to report that it took the police three times longer to get there to provide services to them,” Best said.

It’s the “chaos agenda,” and right now the chaos is winning.

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