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The Powerful Case Against Covid mRNA Vaccine


Gibraltar has had a 99% vaccination rate since June 1.  The consequence has been a 2,500 percent daily increase in Covid cases.  As the vaccine is useless, why the push for mandatory vaccination and Covid passports?  It makes no public health sense.


Fauci:  “a pandemic of the unvaccinated”

Walensky:  “a pandemic of the unvaccinated”

German Health Minister:  “a pandemic of the unvaccinated” 

Notice how the shills speak identical words on cue every day.

There are two reasons for Covid infections.  One is the mRNA vaccine which spreads Covid.

The other is the refusal of the Western medical establishment to prevent and treat Covid with HCQ or Ivermectin.

The massive outbreak of new Covid cases in the most vaccinated countries–Israel 84%, Iceland 95%, Gibraltar 99%–has made it completely clear that the mRNA vaccine does not protect against Covid infection.  Fauci, a life-long shill for Big Pharma, is delighted.  His solution to the failure of the “vaccine” (it is not a vaccine) is more vaccine.  Booster shots are needed, he says, every 5 to 8 months to keep Covid at bay.  In other words profits forever for Big Pharma.

But the failure of the mRNA vaccine is far more serious than the failure to protect. The vaccine itself (1) causes illnesses and deaths identical to Covid illnesses and deaths as the massive number of deaths and health injuries in the adverse vaccine reaction databases indicate,  (2) the “vaccine” creates variants capable of escaping immune response, and (3) the vaccinated are contagious and dangerous to the unvaccinated.

In other words, the so-called breakthrough cases that are now overwhelming the most vaccinated countries are caused by vaccination.  To continue jabbing people risks such death and injury and counterproductive totalitarian policies as to lead to societal collapse.

This is the conclusion of a number of top scientists and medical authorities who are far superior in their knowledge than Big Pharma shills like Fauci and Walensky and the completely stupid American media who keep repeating “a pandemic of the unvaccinated” when the outbreaks are centered among the vaccinated in the most vaccinated countries.

We have to ask if it is possible even for American journalists to be as stupid as they present themselves to be, or are they being paid to lie?  We know that Fauci and Walensky benefit from vaccine profits.  Somehow this conflict of interest does not enter public discussion. Where are the indictments for Fauci and Walensky?

Indeed, all facts are censored, suppressed, and kept out of public discussion.  That is the function of  “social media,” CNN, NPR, New York Times, Washington Post and the rest of the presstitutes.

The “Covid crisis” is from start to finish a manufactured crisis.  The purpose of the mRNA vaccine is to worsen the crisis, which will lead to more counterproductive measures that threaten not merely freedom but life itself.

It has been proven in India and Africa that Ivermectin used as a preventative prevents Covid outbreaks, and Ivermectin has been proven as a cure by the success of many doctors who have used Ivermectin to cure their patients of Covid. Ivermectin is a safe and effective cure.

If you need more evidence of Ivermectin’s effectiveness beyond the chart with which this article begins, here is the Chairman of the Tokyo Medical Association announcing in a press conference that Ivermectin is a safe and effective treatment for Covid infection and recommending that all doctors in Japan immediately begin using Ivermectin to treat Covid patients:

See also:

Yet Western public medical authorities–not Japanese, Indian, and African– and presstitutes continue to lie through their teeth that Ivermectin is unsafe.  Do they tell this lie just for profits, or is a darker agenda afoot?

HCQ is another proven preventative and cure and it also is demonized as dangerous. HCQ needs to be taken early when symptoms first appear. Ivermectin is effective also at later stages of the virus.

If you come down with Covid and have co-morbidities  or a compromised immune system, do not go to a hospital.  They will put you on a ventilator and kill you.  You will not get treatment with known safe and effective cures.  Instead go to Japan, or India, or any of the African countries marked in blue in the opening chart, or cross the border into Mexico and purchase Ivermectin formulated for humans over the counter from a pharmacy. In the US try to get in contact with Frontline Doctors who are overwhelmed with pleas for help from Americans totally abandoned by the American Medical Establishment.

It is only in the English speaking countries, the US,  Western Europe, and in Israel that the population is unable to get effective and safe treatment for Covid infection.  These are the betrayed people who are being infected again and again with deadly mRNA “vaccine.”  The insane Israeli “Covid Czar” is advocating a 4th booster shot of the identical vaccine that has caused tens of thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of health injuries, the same vaccine that has filled Israeli hospitals with fully vaccinated patients.  In the US the Big Pharma shill Fauci says it will be booster shots every 8 months.  This means endless adverse reactions to the “vaccine” and endless appearance of new “variants.”  But it means endless profits for Big Pharma, and that is all that is important.

The Covid policy being implemented in the West has no logic and no basis in any known facts.  What is going on?

Doctors and scientists  have reported the effectiveness of HCQ and Ivermectin, which have such safe records of use over decades that in countries not controlled by pharmaceutical companies they are available for over-the-counter purchase just like aspirin.  Yet the corrupt American medical establishment declares the proven preventatives and cures to be “unsafe,” and the mRNA vaccine that is spreading Covid is declared to be the answer.

What is the agenda?  Clearly, it is not the health of the public. Obviously, they want more variants, more Covid cases, more deaths and health injuries with which to scare the sheep, sell more vaccine, and impose more violations of civil liberty.

How can it be that in “free and democratic America” truth and facts are excluded from the discussion and have no impact on Covid policy?  How can it be that the leading scientists and medical practitioners who issue warnings against the growing vaccine catastrophe are censored and threatened with losing their medical licenses and employment?  What is happening in America is worse than what happened to Soviet geneticists under Lysenko.

Indeed, the ideologue Fauci is America’s Lysenko.  Under Lysenko’s rule, Soviet agriculture was destroyed and millions starved to death.  The real scientists who understood that Lysenko was a crank paid with their lives and careers.  3,000 mainstream biologists were dismissed or imprisoned. In the campaign to suppress scientific opponents other scientists were executed. The president of the Agriculture Academy was sent to prison where he died, while Soviet genetics research was  destroyed. Research and teaching in the field of other biological disciplines, such as  cell biology and neurophisiology, deemed inconsistent with the Lysenko narrative were  banned.

This is what is happening today in America, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.  Real experts are discredited, and in their place we have CNN and other Big Pharma shills.

How can it be that in the midst of Covid infection disinformation is intentionally spread online by such sites as Coronavirus World Updates?  In my opinion, Coronavirus World Updates is an Internet lie sheet sponsored by greed-driven Big Pharma for the purpose of spreading disinformation in order to discourage people from seeking out and obtaining effective treatment for Covid infection. 

On September 4 the scare hype from the disinformation site was a fake story picked up from Rolling Stone magazine about the danger of Ivermectin, one of the safest medicines known taken weekly in most of Africa as a preventative and treatment for River Blindness.  The dishonest article, which had to be retracted ( ), quoted a doctor who blamed Ivermectin for people overdosing themselves  by taking dosages formulated for large animals such as horses. It turns out that the doctor made up the entire story.

People cannot get safe and effective treatment for Covid, because an incompetent and corrupt medical system  will only vaccinate, refuses to treat Covid infection with appropriate doses of HCQ or Ivermectin, spreads fake stories to scare people away from successful treatment, and seeks to take away the medical licenses of the doctors who are actually saving lives.

One wonders how much the doctor was paid by Big Pharma for his fake story. 

It wasn’t only Rolling Stone and Coronavirus World Updates that reported the fake story.  The entirety of the prestitute media was involved: 

Why do the presstitutes work with Big Pharma, Fauci and Walensky to deceive people, prevent them from safe treatment, and cause death and injury to large numbers of people?  Here is a Big Pharma shill setting you up for booster shots:

Is it the smell of incompetence or the smell of evil that rises from the American medical profession and its presstitute shills?

If  “our medical authorities” don’t succeed in stamping out our lives with the mRNA vaccine, they obviously have something else waiting to unleash to do the job: 

It turns out that the director of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is not a doctor, but he is a friend and protege of  Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, who intends to impose on the world, using the orchestrated Covid fear, the “Great Reset,” which means the termination of life as humanity has known it. Here the two  are together:

Let’s close this column with factual information from Doctors for Covid Ethics: 

If you want to ruin your health and perhaps terminate your life, take the death shot.

Alternatively, organize. Demand accountability for Biden, Fauci, Walensky, Big Pharma, and the presstitute media.  These sordid criminals have massive numbers of deaths and permanent health injuries on their greed-driven hands.  These are the people who should be indicted, tried, convicted, and executed for mass murder and mass injury.

But there is little prospect of this happening.  Instead, the people will be murdered and injured for profit. That is always the fate of sheeple who in their stupidity trust “authorities.”

Despite all the evidence that mRNA vaccines fail to protect against Covid infections,  cause massive adverse health effects, and create variants that escape immune response, a massive number of health care providers and employers are requiring inoculation as a condition of employment.

The Becker Hospital Review provides a list of the health care providers who mandate inoculation with the dangerous jab as a condition of employment and as a requirement for patients who seek treatment for any illness: 

These  dumbshit employers do not have the necessary IQ to be able to function in the world. They are so totally stupid that they do not realize that it is only the vaccine companies, not them, that have immunity from liability for harm from the emergency use authorized vaccine.  If these  employers mandate vaccination, or universities do so for their students, they are liable for injuries and deaths caused by the mandated “vaccine.”

The hospitals are doubly  stupid. There is already a shortage of experienced nurses. Now large numbers are quitting or being fired for having too much sense to take the jab after seeing the adverse consequences of Covid vaccination. This problem is not limited to the US. For example, UK health care workers leave industry en masse after being told to get vax or quit–

Healthy people face a minuscule  threat of death or serious injury from Covid.  Vulnerable people with co-morbidities can be safely and securely put on preventative doses of Ivermectin or HCQ.  There is no reason, other than pure negligence of the medical profession, for vulnerable people to even catch Covid.  There is certainly no reason for them to die because the medical profession withholds treatment with known cures.

It is astonishing that people in Africa subject to River Blindness and malaria are a hundred times safer from Covid than Americans and Western Europeans.

What a joke the Western world is.  Little wonder it is in a state of collapse.

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