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Prophets To Ahab And Evangelicals To Trump: “Go Up! Attack Syria!”

Two days ago, I wrote this on my Facebook page:

The U.S./Israeli attack against Syria and Iran is imminent.

Just yesterday, the Zionist puppet Donald Trump threatened Syrian President Assad to not drive the last remnant of terrorists (U.S.-backed terrorists) from his country. With the help of Russia and Iran, Assad has all but totally expunged western-sponsored terror groups (ISIS, al-Nusra, etc.) from Syria. The terrorists are now concentrated in the province of Idlib, which has been somewhat of a U.S.-protected terrorist safe zone.

Can you imagine anyone telling the president of a country (any country) that he cannot drive out terrorists from his own country? That is exactly what Trump did. Furthermore, what the heck is the U.S. military doing invading a sovereign country and setting up military bases for the express purpose of protecting TERRORISTS (which is exactly what the U.S. military is doing in Syria)?

Of course, the terrorists are sponsored and supplied by the U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia and Great Britain. They are important tools of the warmongering Zionist-neocons to the success of their plans to overthrow the governments of Iran and Syria just as they did in Iraq and Libya.

And lest anyone think that all of this has something to do with defending the United States, IT DOESN’T. It has everything to do with enriching the Rothschild Federal Reserve banks, creating a monopoly for the western petrodollar and building the “Greater Israel” for Benjamin Netanyahu’s murdering Zionists.

Donald Trump is neck-deep in the neocon/Zionist war agenda. And that Ahabesque meeting between Trump and 100 evangelical pastors a week ago Monday was a perfect precursor to galvanizing the support of these groveling sycophantic Christian Zionists to lead the cheers for Trump’s next war.

I expect a false flag chemical attack that will be blamed on Assad, followed by massive U.S. missile attacks very soon. What better way to try and salvage an election than going to war with somebody?

I also expect Israel to launch a war with Iran in the near future, in which case Iran will have no choice but to defend itself, and when it does, the U.S. will quickly join in on Israel’s side. Of course, this is what the Zionists do best: get America to fight its wars for them. For all intents and purposes, we don’t have a U.S. military anymore—our military is little more than a mercenary army for Zionist Israel.

The 64 million dollar question is: What will Russia do? Russia has already amassed a huge fleet of warships in the Mediterranean Sea that is currently engaged in war maneuvers in anticipation of a U.S./Israel attack on Syria and perhaps Iran.

If you have the moral courage to listen to my message last Sunday, I go into detail about the evangelical lovefest at the White House a week ago and how it fits into Bible history and the coming war with Syria. You can watch it here:

400 Prophets Of Ahab; 1 Prophet Of God

In this column last week, I tried to warn readers that more false flag chemical attacks were coming in Syria (actually being perpetrated by U.S.-backed ISIS and al-Nusra terrorists) in order to give Donald Trump “justification” for launching more missile attacks against Bashar al-Assad’s government. It is tragic that most Americans (including Christians and conservatives) are listening to Zionist war propaganda emanating from not only the mainstream media (MSM) but also so-called Christian and conservative media. Sadder still is that so many conservatives are listening to Trump’s ultra-propaganda Internet blog known as QAnon.

I realize that millions of Christians and conservatives believe that Donald Trump is a true anti-establishment, anti-globalist, pro-America President. They want so much to believe Trump’s campaign rhetoric. But sooner or later these people are going to have to wake up to the fact that Donald Trump was never an outsider; he was never anti-globalist or anti-establishment. Donald Trump is doing the bidding of the globalists in the similitude of G.W. Bush and Barack Obama.

The biggest indicator of a president’s cooperation with establishment globalists is in the way he conducts foreign policy—and by that I mean the way he wages war. Globalists are all about war. The ultimate goal of the neocon/globalist establishment is war. Forget Trump’s past rhetoric: Trump’s warmongering actions as President confirm his complicity with neocon perpetual war machinations. There is almost no difference in the way Trump is expanding America’s perpetual “War on Terror” from the way warmongers John McCain or Lindsey Graham would be expanding it had they become President.

There are millions of Americans who are awake to the neocon war agenda, but their voices are almost never heard on America’s MSM or even the Christian and conservative media. For example, Virginia State Senator Richard Black (a retired Marine Corps colonel and veteran combat pilot) has been very outspoken in his criticism of the way the United States is conducting unnecessary wars in the Middle East on behalf of interests not germane to the safety and security of the United States; but about the only place one can read or listen to what Senator Black says is by reading foreign news sources. (The MSM is nothing but a pro-war propaganda ministry.)

For example, here is a recent foreign news report quoting Senator Black:

US Republican State Senator Richard Black from the Virginia legislature has lashed out at Washington’s “political approach,” which he claimed had not brought any benefits to Americans and caused chaos in the Middle East, riding roughshod over Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen, according to SANA, Syria’s state-run news agency.

Speaking to reporters after his talks with Syria’s political and media advisor Bouthaina Shaaban, Black also urged the White House to cooperate with Damascus in order to help liberate the province of Idlib from Al Nusra Front militants, which he recalled are part of al-Qaeda.

Black accused Western intelligence agencies of training and funding terrorists, who he said equally target both Syria and the rest of the world.

He suggested that some members of the US administration are poised to add to prolonging the war in Syria, a stance that Black said should be replaced with focusing on peaceful means to resolve the situation.

He pointed out that the US presence in Syria is illegal and Washington can in no way justify it.

But, not only is the MSM mostly comprised of pro-war propagandists, so are the vast majority of America’s evangelical pulpits and churches. Reading about the private meeting at the White House last week between evangelical leaders and President Trump was like reading about the meeting between the prophets of Israel and King Ahab in I Kings 22. The only word that describes that meeting at the White House last week was the word I used in my Facebook post quoted above: “Ahabesque.” To a man, those evangelical leaders support attacking Syria. So did the prophets of Ahab. “Go up,” the prophets proclaimed. “Attack Syria; God is in it.” But the war against Syria was an unjust war, and God was NOT in it. In fact, He took the life of Ahab for waging that unjust war (and for his many other evils).

America’s evangelical leaders are committed pro-war activists because they have been totally and thoroughly deceived by the warmongering state of Zionist Israel and false prophecy. All of these wars in the Middle East have been and are being fomented by the State of Israel. All of them! And the upcoming wars against Syria and Iran are no exception. The Israeli military has even admitted to conducting over 200 airstrikes against Syria during the past 18 months. And it plans to further escalate those attacks. Plus, the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) has also acknowledged providing weapons and cash to the terrorists in Syria. And now the U.S. government is about to join Israel in attacking Syria—AGAIN. Seriously, folks, do any of you feel threatened by Syria? Get real!

As I said on my Facebook page referenced at the top of this column, “For all intents and purposes, we don’t have a U.S. military anymore—our military is little more than a mercenary army for Zionist Israel.”

Most Christians and conservatives are also unaware that Israel has a massive propaganda/disinformation platform in the United States. Anyone who is halfway awake knows that Zionists largely control our MSM and entertainment industries. But they also control and censor much of the Internet as well.

Writing for If Americans Knew Blog, Alison Weir writes:

Numerous well funded, organized projects by and for Israel work to flood social media with pro-Israel propaganda, while blocking facts Israel dislikes. The projects utilize Israeli soldiers, students, American teens and others, and range from infiltrating Wikipedia to influencing YouTube. Some operate out of Jewish Community Centers in the U.S.

Recently, YouTube suddenly shut down the If Americans Knew YouTube channel. This contained 70 videos providing facts-based information about Israel-Palestine.

People going to the channel saw a message telling them that the site had been terminated for “violating YouTube guidelines”—implying to the public that we were guilty of wrongdoing. And ensuring they didn’t learn about the information we were trying to disseminate.

When we tried to access our channel, we found a message saying our account had been “permanently disabled.” We had received no warning and got no explanation.

After five days, we received a generic message saying YouTube had reviewed our content and determined it didn’t violate any guidelines. Our channel became live once more.

So why was it shut down in the first place? What happened and why?

As it turns out, Israel and Israeli institutions employ armies of Internet warriors—from Israeli soldiers to students—to spread propaganda online and try to get content banned that Israel doesn’t want seen.

Perhaps like our videos of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces.

Israel and partisans of Israel have long had a significant presence on the Internet, working to promote the Israel narrative and block facts about Palestine, the Israel lobby, and other subject matter they wish covered up.

Opinionated proponents of Israel post comments, flag content, accuse critics of “antisemitism,” and disseminate misinformation about Palestine and Palestine solidarity activists. Many of these actions are by individuals acting alone who work independently, voluntarily, and relentlessly.

In addition to these, however, a number of orchestrated, often well-funded projects sponsored by the Israeli government and others have come to light. These projects work to place pro-Israel content throughout the Internet, and to remove information Israel doesn’t wish people to know.

We were also informed by Michael Hoffman last week that Amazon has banned his book, Judaism’s Strange Gods, from being sold on its website. Michael writes:

There is a nationwide purge underway . . . blacklisting and banning politically incorrect speakers and history books under the rubric of “hate speech” accusations, initiated in part by two Zionist organizations, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). It’s a flimsy pretext for censoring controversial scholarly books that cannot be refuted in debate, so they must be banned.

In addition to our books being hate-free, we note that there are hundreds of hate-filled Zionist and rabbinic books brimming with ferocious bigotry for Palestinians, Germans and goyim in general, which are sold by Amazon. Many dozens of books containing savage attacks on Christianity are sold by Amazon. These volumes are immune from removal and suppression.

Readers should know that we began distributing Michael’s superb book Judaism’s Strange Gods about a year and a half ago, and we will continue to carry this book as long as we are able. I strongly urge readers to order this book. There is a reason why Amazon banned this book. Like most of the major social media sites, Amazon is owned and controlled by Zionists.

Order Michael Hoffman’s eye-opening (and now banned) book Judaism’s Strange Gods here:

Judaism’s Strange Gods

This is a classic illustration of how powerful the Zionist Israeli lobby is. They not only control the media; they control social media as well. All the while, our evangelical pastors continue to wave the Zionist flag in the name of Genesis 12:3. These pastors and churches are under a deep hypnotic Zionist trance. This makes getting my 7-DVD, 15-message series The Israel Package to as many people as possible all the more important. How long will I be able to make these messages available? Folks, if you want these messages, you need to act NOW while you can still get them.  

This package includes 7 DVDs containing 15 messages, including:

*“The Children Of Promise”

*A Counterfeit Temple; A Counterfeit Israel

*Christ’s Last Words To Israel

*I Will Curse Them That Bless Thee

And 11 more

If purchased separately, these 15 messages would cost $95. But I am offering all 7 DVDs containing 15 messages for only $30. Basically, we are offering these 15 messages for the price of 2 messages.  

I am convinced that the Israel deception is at the root of America’s rapid descent into moral, cultural and political upheaval. The Israel deception has blinded the vast majority of evangelical pastors and churches and during the past 70 years has brought our country to the brink of ruination. I am further convinced that if our pastors and churches could be delivered from the Israel deception, it could bring a great national healing to our country.

I urge readers to take advantage of this limited-time offer and order The Israel Package: 7 DVDs containing 15 messages on the truth about Israel for only $30.

Order The Israel Package here:

The Israel Package

When those four hundred sycophantic prophets of Israel gave their approbation to King Ahab’s unjust war, there was one prophet, a man named Micaiah, who told Ahab the truth about his ungodly war. I would venture a guess that in America today there is maybe one pastor out of four hundred sycophantic Christian Zionist pastors who is telling the truth about America’s unjust wars in the Middle East.

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